Early Child Care


The AAP has appointed Chapter Child Care Contacts (CCCCs) in each of its state chapters to provide a network of pediatric child care experts who can mobilize efforts to improve the health and safety of children in child care and engage parents in discussions about quality care and their options. Each volunteer is a member of the Council on Early Childhood and is appointed by their AAP chapter to serve as a liaison between that chapter regarding early education and child care topics and initiatives. Health professionals can work with their CCCC(s) to educate one another, create discussions on AAP recommended guidelines, improve health and safety practices, and advocate for quality child care. Early education and child care professionals can also work with their CCCC(s) to increase collaboration on child care activities. Dr. Edisa Padder, a community pediatrician with Padder Health Services, is Maryland’s child care liason. She has received special training from the University of North Carolina School of Public Health to serve as a child care health consultant. She can be reached at 410-884-3600 or drepadder@gmail.com.