Poverty Resources

Poverty-Related Resources

In March, 2016, the American Academy of Pediatrics published 
“Poverty and Child Health In the United States” – website

This policy statement outlines the scope of child poverty, its impacts on children, and recommendations for pediatricians. Child poverty is a concern to pediatricians because it has been documented to negatively affect childrens’ physical health, socioemotional development, and educational achievement. The policy statement has several recommendations for pediatricians. One goal of the Maryland AAP’s Poverty Task Force (PTF) is to assist pediatricians in identifying families with unmet social needs and referring them to community resources. We will be developing and posting on this site screening questions and Maryland specific referral resources for a range of social needs. Please check back often as we will be adding content as we develop it. And, if you are interested in working on this project with us, please contact schaitovitz@hotmail.com.