Pediatric Council

About Us

The Pediatric council, an executive committee level of the chapter governance structure is comprises of pediatricians who have a special interest in the relationship between physicans and Maryland insurers. Each of the state or regional AAP chapters uses the mechanism to establish and maintain relationships between providers and insurer.

Committee Chairs

Jeff Bernstein, MD FAAP

Jim Rice, MD, FAAP



The Pediatric council is a forum to meet with health insurence company representatives to discuss pediatric practice issues involving access to care, quality of care, costs and methods of doing business, and physican payment. This is a collaborative effort to discuss ideas and to resolve conflicts, large or small, between pediatrics and insurance companies.



To establish a better system of communication between the general membership of the Chapter and the members of the Pediatric Council so that the council knows what the members concerns are and the members receive regular feedback after council meetings.




  • To generate policy
  • Create educational programming and resources
  • Develop and promote advocacy initiatives
  • Support translation of policy and education into practice
  • Intergrate and evaluate these efforts to maximize impact
  • Designed to give its members a strong voice in policy development
    and in other Council activities.


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