Environmental Health and

Climate Change Committee


The MDAAP Environmental Health and Climate Change Committee is dedicated to protecting all children from environmental threats to their health and well-being and to working to assure healthy, equitable and sustainable environments in which children can grow and thrive. The means by which to achieve these goals are twofold: education and advocacy.

Our Educational Mission includes:

  • Gathering and evaluating information on toxic environmental threats to children and the adverse health effects of climate change, with particular consideration of the disparate environmental exposures in communities of color that result in health inequities;
  • Sharing this information with our membership to allow pediatricians to provide evidence-based counseling to the children and families in their care;
  • Making this information available for educating the public and policy-makers.

Our Advocacy Mission includes:

  • Providing information to legislators in the form of written chapter position statements as they apply to proposed legislation;
  • Providing written and verbal testimony as needed to assure that the effects on children are considered in legislative decisions;
  • Working with local and state leaders on legislation and policies that promote environmental justice in all communities.


To achieve environmental justice for all children.

Committee Chair

Michael Ichniowski, MD, FAAP
For contact information, go to https://www.mdaap.org/member-pages/member-resources/.