Summertime is Check-Up time!

As parents and school aged children head to their pediatric health care provider this summer for their yearly well child exam, it’s important to be prepared so that you make the most of your yearly visit.  Well visits focus on three main things:  growth, development, and health maintenance.  It’s also an opportunity to catch up on what has been going on with your child for the last year.

School progress:  We are interested in how things are going in school.  This provides insight to both academic and social development.  Let your provider know if your child is struggling with certain subjects or having trouble making friends.  The more specific the example, the better.  This can be indicative of other problems, and we may have suggestions to get things back on track.

Diet and exercise:  Think about what your child has eaten over the past week.  Are they eating a balanced diet?  If not, what areas would you like to address.  Exercise is an important part of overall health and development.  If children are not playing competitive sports, talk with your provider about alternatives.

Mental Health:  Don’t be afraid to bring up concerns. Mental health is as important as physical health and must be addressed to prevent long term consequences.  Encourage your child to talk to your provider openly.  We won’t be able to help if we don’t know what’s going on.

Sports Clearance:  Both parent and child should be prepared to answer questions about overall fitness, injury, and family history.  Providers want children to play, but it’s important to address any potential issues first.

Health Update:  If you child has had significant illnesses (like COVID-19) or injuries over the last year, let your provider know.  We like to keep their health history up to date.

Concerns:  Start making a list a few days before your appointment.  As a working mom, I know that I can’t remember everything (or anything!) from day to day.  Lists allow you to make sure all of your concerns are addressed and starting early gives you the opportunity to reflect and remember.

Getting the most out of a yearly well visit requires a little preparation.  In the long run, you and your provider will be happy to have the information.  Make your appointment now!